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case study: family agre
The Autism Genetic Resource Exchange (AGRE) was created by parents of autistic children who want to see genetic research, medical treatment and maybe even a cure for autism happen sooner rather than later-in their own children's lifetime. After outgrowing a single domain, the researcher-oriented non-profit desired additional, upgraded web presence to cater to member families. Merging Designs proposed a site redesign, received approval from AGRE and worked directly with the Family AGRE coordinator to develop a professional and effective design. Merging Designs developed a unique site prototype to clarify the needs of Family AGRE and the new site structure as well as providing a base for Merging Designs' site creation. Family AGRE and Merging Designs worked together to refine the Family AGRE Internet identity, resulting in a striking, community-oriented home site for AGRE member families.
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